New truck ceramic coating

2022 Toyota Tundra Ceramic Coating

This 2022 Toyota Tundra had recently been in for a ceramic coating. 

Although it was brand new, light swirls and scratches were still present in the paint. 

Minor paint correction was done to remove the swirls and scratches while leaving the paint swirl free with a fine glossy appearance. 

After the paint was corrected to its true shine, ceramic coating was applied. The original paint will last years longer with stronger protection through all seasons.

Now of course it’s a truck, and if used as a truck it won’t stay clean for long. Ceramic coating isn’t just for those who want to keep their vehicle clean all the time. Ceramic coating provides long lasting protection so when you decide it's time for a wash, it will be much easier to clean. 

EVEN if you don’t ever wash it, you might just be impressed with what a heavy rain storm will do. Which happens often here in the northwest. 

Enjoy easy maintenance when you feel the urge to make it shine. 

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