Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Enjoy superior gloss and protection up to 5 years!

The prep work before the ceramic coating application includes:

  • A thorough exterior hand wash
  • Iron decontamination and clay bar
    (Eliminating brake dust particles, road grit, and minor sap from the paint)
  • Wax/oil removal
    (Safely striping off previous wax & polish oils)
  • Paint correction
    (Removing swirls and light scratches/paint defects) 

After the prep work is completed, the paint is inspected to ensure it is in a clean, swirl free state before applying the ceramic coating. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating:

  • Multiple years of durability
  • Locked in high levels of gloss
  • Stays cleaner for longer periods of time
  • Extreme UV protection (will not oxidize/dull)
  • Enhanced Resistance to road tar, brake dust, iron contamination
  • Enhanced Resistance to abrasion
  • Enhanced Resistance to bird droppings, pitch/sap, hard water spots
  • Enhanced self cleaning effect (noticeable after heavy rain) 
  • Application on: paint, wheels, windshields & leather seats

Attention: Ceramic coatings are harder to scratch but are not scratchproof. Each ceramic coating package includes a hassle free warranty. It's an expensive detailing service, so make sure it's worth it!  

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Here are some photos of a black GMC Denali that received a 5 year ceramic coating + interior leather coating. The leather coating dries to a smooth matte finish protecting the material from dye transfer, stains, spills, and daily wear and tear. The interior ceramic coating is perfect for lighter interiors, especially white leather seats. Applies to leather/faux/vinyl.