Paint Correction

Paint Correction

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Paint Correction is the process of removing defects from the vehicle's clear coat.  

Defects such as:

  • Swirls
  • Scratches
  • Hard water spots
  • Oxidation
  • Holograms
  • Hazing, etc.. 

As defects collect over time, the paint appears dull and scratchy when the sun is out. Proper paint correction will erase the defects.

This process is done by using a machine polisher and compound. Sometimes wet or dry sanding by hand followed up with a machine polish. Polish cleaner is then used to remove left over polishing oils so the wax or sealant will have a stronger bond on the paint. 

Note: Most commercial detail shops use cutting compounds that contain fillers in the product which fills in the swirls and light scratches during the paint correction process. This helps the service go by faster. A 10 hour job turns into a 4 hour job but you're paying for a 10 hour job. When swirls get filled in, it gives the illusion that the swirls are gone, only to find out the swirls are still there after a few car washes. 

To lock in the appearance of your new shiny paint for the long term, it is highly recommended to add ceramic coating protection after a paint correction service. This will keep the paint looking good for years to come in all seasons. 

It is important to make sure the detailer has experience with paint correction and ceramic coatings because it is easy to make mistakes. Mistakes with these services can be costly to fix.

Attached below are some images showing swirls before and after paint correction on a black BMW 430I removing swirls and holograms. This BMW also received a 3-5 year ceramic coating to seal in the high gloss shine.

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