Frequently asked questions about auto detailing. 

  • How long does the detail take? 
    Depends on the service, vehicle size and condition. An express detail will take around 2-3 hours compared to a complete detail, which is around 5-7 hours. Paint correction and ceramic coatings may take up to 2 days. 

  • Where are you located? 
    Located at: 2795 E Bakerview Road Unit 16, Bellingham, WA 98226
    The red and grey units next to Culligan water. 

  • Its Winter, should I still get a detail?
    Well its up to you. A detail in the winter season is not encouraged for appearance unless the interior needs a refresh. A detail in the winter is highly recommended to protect your vehicle's paint.

    Road salts mixed in with dirt, and slush will eat away at the paint, specially as it stays on the vehicle throughout the season. This weakens the factory clear coat, which will lead to early oxidation during the hot season, making your paint appear dull or flat.

    A Ceramic coating is our best option we offer which will last anywhere from 3-5 years depending on maintenance care. Also offer durable paint sealants & wax that will last up to a few months.
  • May I drop off my car the day before my appointment?
    Yes, your vehicle will be safely locked in our secure shop at night. 

  • Do you detail RV's and Boats?  
    Unfortunately I don't but you may contact me for a referral. 
  • Do you provide shuttle service?
    I offer a valet service. You may arrange a time to have your vehicle picked up and delivered at your work or home location. 
  • What is the difference between an exterior detail & paint correction/polishing?
    An exterior detail is a professional version of a car wash. Paint correction is an enhanced exterior service to restore the vehicle's paint as close to new as possible. 

  • What is a clay bar and how do I know if my car needs clay bar treatment?
    After washing and drying your car, feel the surface of your car’s paint with your fingertips. Does your paint feel rough and bumpy? If so, it’s time for a clay bar. The clay bar picks up micro debris stuck in the paint leaving a smooth silky feel. This also helps the wax bond to the paint.
  • Are automatic car washes bad for my vehicle's paint? 
    Sadly, yes very much so. While some types of car washes are worse than others. Even if you are carefully hand washing it with a brush. More than likely the brushes are not kept in good condition. The brushes collect dirt and small debris after each vehicle. So you are actually further damaging the paint's finish and may not even see it right away!

    Most car washes use harsh chemicals in the water with detergents that will strip your wax right off the paint leaving your car unprotected. If its unprotected before the wash, it will eventually lead to clear coat failure and oxidized paint leading to an expensive repair later down the road. 

    Overall it is important to research whichever car wash you drive your vehicle through.

If you did not see your question or concern above, feel free to ask! You may contact me through my contact page by email, or click here. I will respond as soon as possible thanks!